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>> carolyn: good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. novato fire investigators are looking for one or hour arson enlists suspected of setting a spree of fires last night. it started in the ignacio area that was told by a dozen or more grass fires on the hillsides nearby. this one burned up to a house, but no serious property damage. novato has been plagued by fires over the years. they think it was probably the work of kids. >> we probably have an idea these are juveniles. we don't know for sure but that is direction we're leaning. our arson investigators are on the scene. >> carolyn: they won't give specifics how those fires are
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being started. anyone with information should contact novato police because they are the ones leading this investigation. in the east bay, investigators believe faulty smoke detectors may have led to a deadly fire in bay point. contra costa fire crews were called to the valley oak town homes yesterday morning. fire chief says the body of a woman in her 60s were found in the building. the fire destroyed one unit and damaged two other homes. >> in vacaville destroyed one home just as owner was moving out. most of belongings were inside the moving container. while family was away the four-alarm fire burned the moving container and home to the ground. >> everything was in the container. my whole livelihood was in that house. my kids' rooms.
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everything they've gotten, all of our personal livelihood was in that 40 foot container and it burnt down to the ground now. >> carolyn: fortunately no one was injured. six protestors face charges this morning including vandalism, assaulting police officers and possessing explosives after an anti-police march last night. starting around 8:00, protestors marched from the plaza. they snaked through downtown complaining they had been harassed by police at recent events. officers say the arrests came as some marchers broke windows and vandalized a news van and threw bottles at police. somebody lit a fire. they recovered an illegal explosive equal to a quarter stick of dynamite. they are condemning actions in
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the group of marchers say the majority do not condone that volumes. >> occupiers of san jose says they will march today that starts at noon. it coincides with a court case held 126 years known known as santa clara versus southern pacific railroad. it stems from the railroad's roughly to pay taxes and a dispute over changes to california state law. the u.s. supreme court ultimately ruled in favor of the railroad holding that corporations are persons when it comes to equal protection under the 14th amendment. >> republican candidates are at it this morning. it's another new hampshire debate. mitt romney is accused of spouting pious baloney to another kiarnd. now here is the latest leading up to the primary.
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>> in this morning's second debate in just 12 hours, front-runner mitt romney was getting hit on all sides. >> if you were so great as governor of massachusetts, why didn't you run again? >> you ran in 1994 and you lost. >> saturday night, romney sounded like a candidate with one opponent, president obama? >> his policies have made the recession deeper. >> he said he was man to turn the economy around. despite declining unemployment rate. >> i hope we continue to see good news but it's not thanks to president obama. >> one poll shows him with a 24 have lead ahead on tuesday's primary but they tried to knock him down. >> this has to be match-up with commander and chief of had country. >> slamming his experience as a venture capitalist. >> you can take out all the
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money leaving behind the workers. >> but it didn't stick, then they turned on each other. santorum who narrowly lost to romney by eight votes was a popular target. >> you are big spender. that is all there is to it. you are a big government conservative. >> i don't apology any more than you did, when you were a congressman and earmarked things. >> jon huntsman who skipped iowa has seen a little bounce in the poll numbers despite his strategy of focusing entirely on new hampshire. >> carolyn: for the democratic response, this week went straight to the white house and president obama's chief political strategist david axelrod. he defended the president's record on the economy against mitt romney's attacks. >> when he was running for president in 2007, 2008, he had not one unkind word, one
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critique of the economic policies of the last administration that led up to and through the worst of this recession. he thinks the policies are were in place were the right policies. >> carolyn: he went on to say that u.s. job numbers have been growing for 22 consecutive months under president obama. >> san francisco police have released the name of a suspect in three violent sexual assaults. they arrests ted fred ri dozer on friday. anonymous tips led them to him and physical evidence. those were captured on a video surveillance tape. he faces charges of attempted murder and robbery, as well. >> the race to find a bone marrow donor for a little boy is getting desperate. kyle crawford had to be rushed to the emergency room yesterday.
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this was the line at the school in san mateo yesterday where hundreds signed up for the bone marrow registry. kyle is battle aplastic anemia. that means his bone marrow is not making enough new blood cells. >> it's an amazing community we have. all we have is hope. >> carolyn: kyle's mother is chinese, his father is caucasian so the four-year-old must need a multiethnic or asian ancestry. another drive will be held in san francisco, next saturday at haight ashbury free clinic from noon to 3:00. >> coming up next, on somber anniversary. arizona prepares to remember the victims of last year's deadly mass shooting that left six people dead and congresswoman gabrielle giffords among the injured. >> one problem with the proposed
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new 49er stadium is solved, ú ú ú ú
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or the pantech breakout for $49.99. our lowest price ever. get the technology you love, on the network you deserve. now get twice the data for the same low price. hurry in, this offer ends january 15th. verizon. >> carolyn: in about an hour, survivors of last year's deadly mass shooting in arizona will mark a somber anniversary. it was one year ago today that a gunman opened fire what was called a congress on your corner event outside a tucson grocery store. it was hosted by congresswoman gabrielle giffords.
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six people were killed, 13 wounded. giffords is still recovering from a bullet wound to the head. >> gabrielle giffords is hair within on to all of us. but she has shown incredible perseverance. i am very operate mirk mystic she will be walking the halls of congress in the near future. >> carolyn: giv oregon husband says she is highly motivated to get back in washington hoping to use her story as a way to mend political differences in the nation's capitol. a decision on a new 49er stadium is coming down to the wire with a group of citizens launching a hail mary campaign to try to block it. lisa amin gulezian has the story from santa clara. >> reporter: just when it look like the 49ers move to santa clara was a done deal the opposition is coming out with a
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new strategy. >> we want to put it back to vote because we are dispute go the contract and financing. >> a group opposed to the stadium deal are gathering signatures. they need 6,000 signatures for a ballot measure to reject a city contract to develop the $1 billion 49er stadium. last month santa clara stadium authority had the plan to use $850 million loan to fund the development. just a few feet away from santa clara fair, stadium supporters had their own message to get out >> the jobs that it will create will go back into the community. >> members of ibew passed out flyers saying stop, think before you sign the petition. labor unions need the stadium deal to go through for survival. many are counting on construction work. unions paid some unemployed members to pass out flyers
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against the referendum. >> it's going to prolong what the voters have already voted for and what the stadium authorities have approved. >> we should save that vote. >> others disagree. >> they think it's too expensive project and we don't know what the ramifications for the city is going to be. >> i think a little switch going on. >> reporter: many accuse the city of changing the terms after the measure was passed in 2020. they will use no more $40 million of redevelopment money. rest will come from a hotel tax, 49ers and the stadium authorities' loan. they prompted promised to back that loan in case of an emergency. if the signatures are gathered it could go back for a revote as soon as june. >> reporter: i spoke with a city spokesman and city leaders welcome the effort and honor the voters' decision. in santa clara, lisa amin gulezian, "abc 7 news".
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>> carolyn: transit riders in the bay area and all over the world will part with their pants today. it's the 11th annual no pants subway ride. it first begin in new york back in 2002 and has spread to transit systems around the globe. it is organized on facebook by a group of pranksters. this video from last year shows participants are riding at the embarcadero bart station wearing no pants but still properly attired. today two separate groups will head to levi's park for a 2:00 assembly. no pants, i thought it would mean no shorts too but if the weather will cooperate. >> lisa: 61 degrees in half moon bay. the wind really making for a balmy start in some parts of the bay. 30s on the peninsula, bright and sunny day ahead with more warmth today, but not in the next
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several days. i'll explain coming up. >> carolyn: mg ever also coming up an epic battle, stanford and oregon stating into four overtimes. mike shumann has the highlights of the fantastic finish coming up in sports.
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>> carolyn: any chance at all of any rain, even a hint of rain? >> lisa: there is a hint we've had before. where did that get us? it's been dry but at least today winds are backing off and very dry atmosphere. view from the tahoe camera, blue sky. we'll be in the 50s no n the northern sierra. tahoe airport is at 26 degrees. down at the beach in santa cruz we are just b around 50 degrees today. mid-60s. maybe upper 60s and finally mount tam you can see the wind blowing a little bit. that has been the case in the upper elevations, anyway from thousand feet to 3,000 feet where we have seen wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour at mount tam.
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we have had some moderating numbers, even the numbers that dropped into the low 30s quickly came back into 40s. that would be santa rosa where we had a cool 33. 56 in san francisco but you notice this, 61 half moon bay. our numbers will be in the 60s again at our coast and winds will be dialing back. that is good news where the winds died off but we are cooler this morning. right now compared to yesterday around the delta and napa. everywhere else, oakland 13 degrees warmer as well as concord. we are on our way to a mild afternoon. this afternoon, sunny, mild, not as windy and dry weather. a couple systems coming in first one early in the week that will cool us back significantly. another one into next weekend. right now our pacific satellite picture shows a dominant ridge maintaining our dry weather. in fact offshore flow and it
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looks like today the ridge continues to slide to the east. as it does, warmest day of the week today. numbers just as warm as yesterday, maybe a few 70s but we will look for those winds to begin to dial back which is good news because the dewpoints are so low. that brings the relative humidity, right now in the teens in sierra nevada. with an air temperature of 50 degrees, it's too warm in the mountains. 72 in big sur, we're looking at widespread 70s from central california into southern california but the winds are a big factor in southern california. so if you are driving to the south, keep that in mind. breezy today and winds shift around and die back tonight. it will be a cold night tonight. mid-60s with upper 60s as you head south of the bay and also in north bay valleys. we should see warmer numbers. we saw a couple records
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yesterday. today, we'll call it warm for january. cooler tomorrow with an onshore flow. coolest days should be on tuesday. not any chance of rain there, but then over the weekend, more clouds and a system that my wanted to come visit us but we'll see. >> carolyn: well we'll welcome it. thank you lisa. n.f.l. playoffs resume with the new york giants hosting the atlanta falcons. later pittsburgh plays the broncos. niners found out they will be playing new orleans because the saints beat the lions. here is shu with all the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. wildcard saturday kicked off the n.f.l. postseason and saints took care of detroit and will face the 49ers. drew brees came out roaring. matthew stafford to equal vin johnson. 14-10 lions at the break.
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brees answered in the third to henderson, 466 yards to breeze, no, sir postseason play. saints up 3. he dives, hits the pylon, lions within 3. and 17 yards for the score. he had two touchdowns. they are coming to san francisco after a victory. >> you know san francisco is a good team. we got to couple qom out and hit them hard in mouth early. they are tough team. their defense playing well very, good. we got to be on top throughout the whole game. i know it's going going to be a dogfight. >> first time rookie quarterback since the merger, j.j. picks off a pass. 17-10 houston at the half.
9:24 am
texans and andre johnson, 40 yards. texans and watch this by foster. pushes the bengal defenders on the way. two tds. houston vanlz with a 31-10 victory. >> niners will have their handful next saturday as they host the saints in almost ten years. and 49er coaches are busy as we speak. top ranked defense will be tested by the saints especially the secondary. 49ers are hoping youth and experience but majority of the team has not been playoffs including alex smith but alex knows this is new season. >> the team understands the opportunity we have in front of this. to rest and get better and get heelth healthy and better so we have it together for this
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weekend and next week. warriors home cooking will help their coast, as they return from a roevp road trim 0-3. monta ellis, they are up 1 at the break. looking to david lee, 15 boards for lee. to go to the fourth, they are up 2 and he buries a jumper and he throws it away. gordon hayward on the break, he hit a freethrow, jazz up by 1. monta at the buzzer. warriors drop their fifth straight, 88-87. >> stanford men taking on creating robinson and beavers. watch this one. he hits a three. he was up 7 at the break. final seconds, game five, josh owens the steal but relay play
9:26 am
show he is a touch late. tied late in ot, anthony brown, it's double ot. jason randall. that is no good. third ot, stanford down from downtown, he got it. we're going to a fourth ot, are you kidding me? randall scored the first five points. he had 24. final seconds, stanford, schuller for the win. longest game in school history, 103-101. >> they hosted washington, san jose has won 14 of last 15 games against the cats. second period, sharks on the power play, brechbt burns one-timer. sharks are up 2-1. joe thorton, passing it to pedro martinez for the goal. they haven't lost since 1993, 5-2 your final. >> eddie did he bartolo and
9:27 am
charles haley, in the hall of fame. we'll have more tonight at 5:00. i'm mike shumann, have a great day. >> carolyn: up next, an oil company there is no new leak in the east bay. so neighbors want to know why they are smelling the same stench again. and plastic bag ban so restrictive it may never
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>> carolyn: welcome back. we have breaking news to report in san francisco. two firefighters including a division chief were taken to the hospital after their vehicle was involved in a crash south of market just around 8:00 this morning. crash happened at 15th street and folsom. no word on what caused the accident. two firefighters had been
9:30 am
transported to san francisco general hospital. injuries are not considering life-threatening. >> it is inauguration day in san francisco where newly elected leaders will be sworn into office. festivities begin shortly at 10:00 this morning at city hall with multicultural music and dance performers. willie brown will serve as master of ceremonies as mayor ed lee gets sworn into office. a celebration with dance and musical performances will follow beneath the city hall rotunda. >> a cloud of legal questions of swearing in ross mirkarimi as san francisco sheriff. an investigation in domestic violence is being conducted against him by the district attorney. the san francisco chronicle reports a judge who had agreed to conduct the oath of office
9:31 am
has now recused herself to avoid possible of conflict should charges be mild. mirkarimi and his wife both deny the accusation that came from a neighbor. things are getting better for folks living near a broken oil pipe in the east bay. there was no rotten egg smell coming from the repair side last week, but laura anthony reports the fact it came back at all has been a major cause for concern. >> reporter: it's an odor those that live near the work site that would rather live without. two months after a crude oil spill that is part of the old naval station, the smell has returned. >> as soon as you walk outside it's like a wall of odor. >> another leak, another problem it's just a smell and it's going to be okay that is good news. >> reporter: original spill happened on pipeline owned by conoco phillips. after the leak some work was
9:32 am
done to patch the hole but it was suspended during the holiday. earlier this week, when they removed the tarp that covered the hole, the strong sulfur smell was back. >> they are still cleaning up the oil and debris and saturated soil. they put a tarp it and covered it and some of the odors could have accumulated. >> initially, we never heard anything. >> reporter: a spokesperson says the cleanup efforts associated with the leak are ongoing. once in a while we may hit a pocket of dirt that produces an odor. it is being monitored by the bay area quality management district. >> it is unpleasant and the air district is certainly contacted conoco and they are aware of it. >> reporter: there is no way to
9:33 am
think that that it is a hazard. the work is expected to continue for several weeks. >> carolyn: santa cruz has adopted a plastic bag ban striktser than anything in the country unless the board of supervisors drop the controversial element of the ordinance. karina rusk has the story. >> reporter: the popular hangout in santa cruz is either crazy or ahead of time. they banned plastic takeout bags. >> some places, we're going to do it and be known for this. >> the traditionally liberal city of santa cruz doesn't have a ban but santa cruz county has one for unincorporated areas that supposed to take effect and supposed to include restaurants. that is when steven joseph stepped in and sued.
9:34 am
>> there is a safety issue. if you have hot lick i said and foods and spills it goes right through a paper bag. people have been injured base of that kind of thing. >> they say the broad-based passed with a unanimous vote but they are allowing themselves to reconsider. >> he has a promise to drop the restaurant portion of the ordinance the lawsuit would go away. >> it still leaves us to do the right thing in the bigger picture is not going to hold up implementation of it. >> reporter: they will take a look at options later this month and environmental groups say they will be pushing. >> it could switch a lot of minds and get rid of a lot of pollution. >> reporter: the save the plastic bag pollution, they say it's an overexaggerated hoax. in this case the county may end up compromising.
9:35 am
charlie hong kong will not. in santa cruz, karina rusk, "abc 7 news". >> carolyn: that save the bag coalition also threatening to sue in san francisco. lisa is here with a check of the accu-weather forecast. >> lisa: not only that wind blowing things around, but it's very dry out there. so offshore event peek weigh very gusty winds, about thousand feet. so we'll reap the benefits of a warm afternoon but then a cold night tonight and will we see any rain? stay tuned. >> carolyn: we will stay tuned. also ahead the exclusive new app you can get us to help you as you make your way through bay area traffic.
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"and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> janelle: the appearance of a wayward duck near sacramento,
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duck hails from southeast asia but somehow wound up in colusa. >> this time of year the colusa wildlife refuge is home to quarter million ducks but one duck that is getting all the attention. >> we have very rare bird. falcated duck. they are up to date with 20th century, it got posted 8:30 in morning, parking lot was full and we were getting phone calls left and right. >> it's extremely rare in california. there have been four sightings of the bird in history. >> it's called a life bird because the first time you see one in your lifetime. >> we don't chase every rare bird that shows up. but when as something as particular as this and
9:39 am
exceptional, i think last one was seen from 2002. >> fly in from florida and colorado. they come here and see the bird. they spend the night here and fly home the next day. >> this is one of the best sightings ever for me especially because most of birding books don't cover this book. it's so rare in north america it's not even there. >> nobody knows how the asian duck got here. nobody really knows when he'll leave and if they'll ever see a duck like this again. >> carolyn: warm weather everywhere, new york it's above normal. minnesota and, of course, here. >> lisa: yes. we saw a couple records, today you see 70s and we're in the low 60s at our coast. >> carolyn: what is going on? >> lisa: it is kind of a beach
9:40 am
day down in santa cruz. blue sky, not even a few high clouds down there. we're talking about 50s right now. we'll take you around the bay up through the golden gate where it's more blue sky but the wind has been a factor from mount tam. we had some wind gusts over 55 miles an hour in east bay hills but the winds blew out the fog and really dried out the atmosphere. right now dewpoints in the 30s. in the 20s, as well. we'll be looking at these winds to die back throughout the day today. temperatures well into the 60s. no problems there with already 55 in concord, 53 in antioch. for the time being, only location dropped down to the 30s was santa rosa, but with winds, those numbers quickly back up into the 40s. those valleys had the calm winds for the time being. that isy y there is cooler spots this morning. overall, most are feeling the
9:41 am
warmer start. breezy winds this morning. so certainly a jumpstart to a warm morning and mild to warm afternoon today. then the winds die back. it's going to be a cool night tonight. we're talking still dry into next week. and next weekend would be the beginning of the holiday weekend martin luther king day on monday. will we see a change to this pattern? look at that ridge. it looks bigger and stronger. today you can see well up into canada but we will be looking for today to be the warmest day. it begins to break down tomorrow. mild to warm again and high pressure slides to the east. so still another mild and sunny day to start the workweek. by tuesday, a system drops down from the north and that will bring us the coolest day out of the week. in the meantime, low relative humidity, wind gusts in the sierra nevada, warm temperatures there, in fact the warmest they'll see all week long with low to mid-50s in the mountains.
9:42 am
in southern california, just around the coast, oxnard, wind gust of 64 miles an hour. we're not seeing the bulk of activity but we're reaping the benefits for the mild and warm temperatures. today with 60s at our coast, a little warmer in some spots. mid 60s for the most part and upper 60s up towards santa rosa and then down by morgan hill and watsonville could see 70 degrees. then tonight with the winds not as strong, we'll see some radiational cooling and much cooler tonight. another sunny and mild day tomorrow. onshore winds on tuesday, that is our coolest day, wednesday and thursday, still 60s. there is a system that will be lurking off shore next weekend whether or not that brings us rain will be investigating that. at this point, no, it doesn't look like it. >> carolyn: what did you call it
9:43 am
radiational cooling? >> when we have the heat and light winds and we cool off. it didn't happen last night. >> carolyn: thanks for the information. earlier in this newscast we told you about b the parents of four-year-old san mateo boy continuing on desperate search for a bone marrow transplant. kyle crawford and mother and dad came to visit for this morning's "beyond the headlines." the condition is called aplastic anemia. you'll learn more and hear from a woman who became a bone marrow donor to help someone else. >> had a chance to do it. i think it's so important for anyone out there that can go get registered and be willing to
9:44 am
donate. >> carolyn: join cheryl jennings right after this newscast for "beyond the headlines" here on abc7. tomorrow the marin transportation authority will review plans to put toll lanes on highway 101 but today's marin independent journal says the study shows high toll lanes where solo drivers could pay a toll would not produce enough revenue to make it worthwhile. they were hoping the toll lanes might pay the cost of widening the novato narrows but the proom program may not even pay for itself. you are about to start seeing a new technology exclusively here on abc7 when we direct traffic reports. its free app you can download. it's called waze and helps you avoid traffic jams and let's you become a traffic spotter to help make our traffic reports more accurate. jonathan bloom has more on how
9:45 am
it works. take a left. >> frank commutes every day from san carlos to palo alto. >> it's usually 30 minutes door to do with very little traffic. >> on a bad day? >> on bad day, as much as an hour and ten minutes. >> reporter: to cut down on the bad days, he is used waze. it tells you where the traffic jams are and how to get around them and it gathers realtime gps data. >> we have a community of ten million drivers that are responsible for helping us collect all that information. so it's all driven by the crowd. >> the creator thinks as win-win. they share information with fellow users with a turn by turn navigation service that gets more accurate as more people use it. >> it's hundred percent community. people know all they have to do is open the application and drive witness. they are contributing to the information that everybody else
9:46 am
gets. >> waze works on any new smart phone or anything with a gps receiver. so newer models of blackberry, iphone and 3 g models of the ipad. >> reporter: he uses it mound in holder so he keeps both hands on the wheel. waze will not let you type while driving because it's illegal. if you are parked, you can report traffic problems. >> i can say it's moderate traffic and send a narrative. >> reporter: those alerts help other drivers and help "abc 7 news" traffic give you most accurate and detailed reports. >> there is heavy traffic, as well. this is telling you it's on octavia street. >> city streets have been a challenge. traditional maps rely on under ground speed sensors. so frances dinglasan is using waze to report the missing
9:47 am
information. >> most thing i'm excited about is taking the driver down to the street level, especially if there is an incident. >> reporter: incident reports are up to the second on waze. frank can acknowledge he has seen it, too. >> giving eight thumbs up. >> if you join the traffic spotters we'll mention out air when your report helps us. >> so we're trying to verify the slow speeds on the central freeway. >> you can download the app by going to or going to android marketplace and be sure to join our traffic spotters group. >> the more "abc 7 news" traffic spoters we have the more reliable the information will be. >> reporter: on the road in palo alto, jonathan bloom, "abc 7 news." >> carolyn: don't go away, "7 on your side" is next. >> how to get an extended warranty for free.
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>> carolyn: once consumer advocates say never buy an extended warranty. michael finney isn't one of
9:51 am
them. he explains two unique ways to do it. >> reporter: last days of post holiday shopping is coming to an end, gift cards are being used and soon the holiday decorations will be gone. what you buy will remain and may eventually need repair. that is where this website, free comes in. >> it's the first website that combines comparison shopping for over a million products for free extended warranties. >> reporter: go to the website and you get an extended warranty for no additional charge. free doubles the manufacturer's warranty so a one year warranty becomes a two-year. >> since we have product dat data filing a claim is as easy clicking one button, file the claim and they will contract you
9:52 am
how to service it. >> reporter: if you didn't get one and still want one, go back to the store where you buy the item. before you do that, go to a site like square squaretrade is a san francisco based company that offers extended warranties at deep discounts, sometimes priced at left than half what retailers charge. >> i'll post both of these websites at our website at >> carolyn: we'll be right back. c
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>> carolyn: check out the winning numbers from last night. mega number 14. one ticket purchased at a liquor store in san lorenzo has all six numbers. >> anyone would be happy winning
9:55 am
the lottery once but imagine twice? it happened to people in one office pool in southern california. ron clayborn tells us the magic formula. >> these are lucky women. part of 16 pool winners who are lot richer after winning the california lottery. >> it's very exciting. >> it's exciting. >> reporter: loom familiar? they should. here they are just 11 months ago once again looking very happy after just winning the california lottery. theirs may be the luckiest pool in the country, after winning $12 million, on friday, they won again, another $260,000. $262,743 to be exact. >> lightning strikes twice, and lightning struck twice.
9:56 am
>> for the ten employees that participated both times they have now one each a cool $766,000. their secret. >> we go in and we say we want eight quick picks and the machine picks them but we want the same quick picks for the next eight draws. so we're playing the same and there may be slight math mat kat cal advantage. >> there are the lucky few that get one in ten million chance, not once but twice. sometimes even more than that. this couple won the lottery twice in one day, this texas woman packed her bags and moved to las vegas after she won four times. richard won 7, 7 times. >> you have to learn what numbers to play. >> his method is the exact opposite of these ladies. >> do not play quick picks. >> carolyn: lisa argen has a
9:57 am
final check. >> lisa: it's mild out there already. our coast in the 60s. we have a few 40s around the bay. not only today will be the warmest day. winds are going to die back. good news. relative humidity will come back up. wednesday is coolest day with onshore flow and then temperatures still in the 60s all week long. we got a holiday coming up. >> carolyn: martin luther king day. thank you for joining us. next newscast starts at 5:00 tonight. i'm carolyn tyler and keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter and talk about it beth!
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TOPIC FREQUENCY San Francisco 12, Us 8, Abc 5, Carolyn 4, Novato 4, California 4, Southern California 3, Ooohhh 2, Karina Rusk 2, Lisa 2, Obama 2, Mike Shumann 2, Tam 2, Kyle Crawford 2, Carolyn Tyler 2, Niners 2, Concord 2, Humidity 2, Washington 2, Oregon 2
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